We welcome you to visit our cafe and play with the cats.   You can bring your laptop to work with a cat on your lap, or bring a friend to socialize in the company of felines.   Please leave your own cats at home, as we don't know how they would interact with the cats here.


Anyone of any age is welcome, and the cost to visit the cat section of our cafe is $3 per person old enough to walk.


You will need to sign a waiver to enter the cat section of the cafe.  The waiver and full set of rules can be found here.


We would like you to remember that cats are animals and as such can be unpredictable.   Please be gentle when playing with the cats.   If a cat hisses please leave it alone.   Please do not feed the cats.


If you fall in love with a cat and believe you can give it a loving home, please consider adoption.   All of the cats at Gatos Y Galletas are foster cats in need of a forever home.


Book reservations and cat yoga classes online now!  


Gatos y Galletas

Cats And Cookies

414 Central Ave SE

Albuquerque, NM 87102

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